Education Law

In New York, Education Law is administered by various federal and state laws and regulations. State law is regulated and administered by the State Education Department. While this area of law may appear to present the same issues as any other legal area, in reality, Education Law is a highly distinct, developed and complex area of law that is neither logical nor intuitive. Gilbert Law Group’s education lawyers have [years experience] years of experience concentrating in this area of law.

Education Law is comprised of thousands of sections of laws and regulations all to itself. While it is very much related to Labor and Employment Law, there are a bevy of issues which require intimate knowledge, familiarity, and experience with the law, the State Education Department, and the Commissioner of Education’s Rules, Regulations, and Decisions. Moreover, Education Law cannot be viewed in a vacuum. Because of our experience with and knowledge of the wide array of public and private sector Labor and Employment Laws, we can employ a multilateral approach in recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of school-related issues and disputes.

As such, the education lawyers at Gilbert Law Group handle a wide variety of Education Law matters. Founder and Principal Attorney, Howard E. Gilbert, is well-versed in Education Law. As a young attorney, he worked at the New York City Board of Education where he became intimately involved in a diverse range of Education Law matters. Subsequently, he represented numerous school districts. As such, the firm has extensive experience in teacher and administrator tenure law disputes, discipline, discharge, special education, student suspensions, retirement, seniority, tenure areas, excessing, evaluations, common core, budgets, elections, policy development, teachers’ rights, students’ rights, governance and protocol, transportation, improper labor practices, grievances, mediation, arbitration, discrimination, harassment, transfers, charter schools, petitions to the State Education Department, administrative hearings, such as before PERB and SED, and trials and appeals before administrative tribunals and the Courts.Education lawyers

Additionally, we assist clients in obtaining, providing, and ensuring effective educational services, resources and assistance for Special Education students. As such, we have extensive experience with IEPs (Individual Education Plans), Committees on Special Education (CSE), Section 504 Hearings, and Impartial Hearings.

Moreover, Gilbert Law Group is an authority on the subject of the new Common Core curriculum and testing requirements, Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Law and Regulations (teacher evaluations), and anti-bullying and cyber-bullying legislation and implementation. Our education lawyers have handled many matters relating to freedom of speech and association in school districts for students, teachers, and administrators. We have handled countless arbitrations, 3020-a disciplinary hearings, and court appeals.

We understand the complexities of the education system and all the dynamics that it entails. Our expertise and experience in Education, Labor and Employment Law serves our clients well in all matters related to Education Law.

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