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Care. Competence. Reasonable Rates.

That is more than just a slogan. That is who we are and what we do at Gilbert Law Group. Those three concepts form the building blocks of not only our law firm, but of any successful business.


Make no mistake. Our clients’ business and what they are trying to achieve is our business. Whatever the obstacles, problems, or issues, we take it personally. While always maintaining the highest degree of professionalism, we truly care about our clients’ needs and goals.

As such, we are meticulous in our work. It involves not just what may be the narrow issue or problem presented, but understanding the context, background and, if necessary, history of our clients’ past, present, and even future needs and objectives. We do this so that we can provide the most effective representation available. It goes beyond simply representing clients to achieving results which foreclose the possibility of future problems.

That is what “care” is all about at Gilbert Law Group.


Founded by Howard E. Gilbert, the Gilbert Law Group has a track record spanning more than 43 years that has proven itself on countless cases, in every conceivable forum of labor, employment, education and civil service law. Our experience chronicles the history of a firm tested in every way imaginable. Our successes have earned respect in the legal profession for outstanding representation of our clients by exceptional, highly motivated attorneys who focus on results, individual attention, and long-standing client relationships. In today’s legal community, bigger is sometimes considered better. Law practices across the nation have expanded into huge corporate big box stores with hundreds of attorneys and support staff who clients may never need or want. As a result, frequently, clients’ needs are overlooked. Clients feel “handled.” They feel that their problem, case, or issue is not receiving the attention it deserves.

Labor and employment matters often present complex issues which can have a tremendous impact on one’s life, career, and business. What we provide and pride ourselves on is personal, individual, and special attention, supported by decades of experience, knowledge, and insight. We provide practical advice and counsel with the emphasis on delivering the highest quality legal services. It is this approach in our practice that has led to its proven success.

Labor and employment law, and our related practice areas, are particularly dynamic areas of law which are always changing. We make sure that we stay abreast of the latest developments in our areas of practice. We keep our legal eye trained on this ever-changing landscape as the courts grapple with new and increasingly complex issues and problems which arise in the workplace. We do so in an atmosphere that is based on a singularly unique legal tradition of excellence, personal relationships, accessibility, integrity, and achievable solutions to thorny problems. How do we do this? We continue to practice in the same manner that has grown our success for more than 43 years. We focus on understanding our clients’ needs in depth. We analyze the problem, advance the needs and interests of our clients first, and build proactive solutions that achieve goals and avoid future problems.

That is what “competence” is all about at Gilbert Law Group.

Reasonable Rates.

At Gilbert Law Group, we understand that a cost-conscious approach to resolving your issue or problem is very important. We take that consideration very seriously. Your bottom line is our bottom line.

We have no illusions that legal services can oftentimes be expensive. However, make no mistake. By having a small firm handle your matter, we are able to maintain cost-efficient strategies that will undoubtedly save you money.

Bigger firms inevitably have bigger offices. They have large support staffs. They have to pay attorneys and partners who you may never meet, let alone need. At Gilbert Law Group, without having to support a large firm’s “carrying costs,” we are able to maintain and utilize a lean yet highly effective presence to handle your case or matter. And again, make no mistake: we do this without compromising the effectiveness of our representation and the goals you want to achieve.

That is what “reasonable rates” are all about at Gilbert Law Group.

Care. Competence. Reasonable Rates.

It is not just a slogan. As you can see, it is a way of life for us here at Gilbert Law Group.

Yet there is one more key element in the way we conduct our practice. That is the application of:


Commitment is the cornerstone of how we address our clients’ concerns, problems, cases, and objectives. At Gilbert Law Group, we are committed to delivering solutions for our clients and going beyond what is minimally expected in order to achieve results which are longstanding and cost-effective.

Care. Competence. Reasonable Rates…and Commitment.

That is who we are, and what you can expect from us at Gilbert Law Group.

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